Street Food

Infographic of Street Food Trends

When you think of street food, do you think of greasy burgers from a battered van or Goan seafood from a modern trailer? We're witnessing a street food revolution and thefoodpeople have been keeping a close eye on this global food trend.

The change in street food over the last decade has been dramatic – from traditional food carts to mobile hi-tech kitchens – and it continues to evolve, becoming ever more sophisticated, with the choice of foods growing all the time.

thefoodpeople Street Food Revolution infographic charts this transformation from greasy to gourmet. It provides an insight into the most popular types of street food, where in the world there is most interest in street food and how much we are talking about street food in our daily lives.

As food trend specialists, it's our job to track and present trends such as the street food revolution. The street food revolution has some way to go yet, with on-the-go consumers increasingly favouring convenient and affordable quality street food.